How Big Data can help to grow your Business

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4 min readOct 27, 2020


The market for Big Data and Analytics is expanding faster. By 2023, it is expected to grow to $77 billion. Big Data, to put it simply is, a collection of all processes and tools related to the use and management of large data sets. It enables businesses to make more informed decisions by providing huge amount of valuable data and analysis. This information can be used to make smarter business decisions, improve workplace efficiency, and achieve business growth and success in the long term.

For many tech giants, using Big Data has been crucial to lead in the competition. New entrants and established rivals in many industries use data-driven strategies to compete, capture and innovate. The need for Big Data has been on the rise so much that, in fact, you can find the use of it in every major business field, from IT to healthcare.

Big data will generate a lot of new growth opportunities, according to experts. It can even give rise to a new class of companies, such as those that analyze and aggregate information or process the unstructured data. Most of these businesses will sit in the middle of large flows of information on services and products, suppliers and buyers, consumer intentions and preferences, and more. Businesses across industries should begin to aggressively build their Big Data capabilities.

Keeping this in mind, here are the five ways in which big data can help you grow your business:

More Security — More reliability

As the number of online transactions has gradually risen over the years, fraudulent activities have also risen considerably. Hackers have taken down quite a few organizations online and offline, from ransomware attacks like the notorious WannaCry virus to less complex but equally destructive social engineering attacks. Losing customer data to these attacks, apart from the financial losses that would certainly result in damaging the credibility of your company.

Because of this, to ensure data security and privacy, most companies have implemented the usefulness of big data. In organizations dealing with financial information, credit and debit card information, and other such activities, it is even more critical.

Market better — Connect better

For advertisers, personalization has always been a priority. Companies have sought to use personalization to form a stronger connection with consumers, from mail merges to PPC retargeting campaigns. The explanation is simple: the better the relationship of an individual to a brand, the more likely they are to do business with.

More data in the customer relationship management (CRM) program equals more opportunities to connect with consumers on a personal level, from deciding the order to creating a highly targeted email marketing campaign.

Better Consumer Service — The Relationship

As a way for organizations to provide top-notch customer support without the conventional time, budget, and staffing limitations, chatbots have already become very common. However, apart from bots, one of the best approaches to gather and use information is to understand how your services and goods are viewed by clients. Thus, you can make the requisite modifications and re-develop your goods. It enables you to discover general input from your customers when you examine unstructured social media text. The feedback can be further segmented into different geographical locations and demographic groups.

The data may be in the form of surveys or from various tracking tools and reports, but the main factor is that today’s analytical tools may perform research and extract useful market insights at a degree of detail that would be impractical or too tedious (also too expensive) to achieve for human beings.

Better Decision — Better Productivity

The instincts and knowledge of a decision-maker are important, but decisions that impact an organization should depend on data. Without details, you cannot make good choices about inventory management, pricing strategies and other business factors. Actionable data can help you decide how many individuals to recruit and the best ways to deploy them, even when it comes to recruiting employees.

Businesses that use data are three times likely to say that they have strengthened their decision-making. You will minimize risks by integrating data analytics into your decisions. You will probably feel more secure that productivity and company profits are improving.

There are obvious advantages of implementing Big Data in the organization. By applying analytics tools to your websites and business processes, you generate actionable insights. You can track various operations and create metrics that generate actionable data. By implementing it at every level, make analytics a strong part of your business. By having the right tools and professional individuals, you can successfully implement Big Data in your organization. You will pave the way for business growth when you apply analytics to your company at every level.

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