5 benefits of Implementing Automated Testing

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4 min readSep 2, 2020

Why do we automate a test? I asked a candidate who got interviewed by us for a Test Automation role last week. Surprisingly, he missed the main and most important reason to automate a test. In many engineering disciplines, testing is an accepted practice. It is not something considered an afterthought or a separate process. It is seen as a core part of the profession. Something you do without exception.

But in software development, testing does not seem to be quite so absolute — yet. Software testing is inevitable if you want to produce high-quality products. With the increasing number of features in applications nowadays, there is a growing possibility that bugs and issues may go unnoticed. According to the report, the overall size of the global market for automation testing is expected to increase from $12.6 billion in 2019 to $28.8 billion by 2024. That is just fantastic! Isn’t it?

Why Automate Testing?

In the present scenario, Automated Testing improves the performance of applications and guarantees reliable product quality. There are tools that can conduct automated test cases efficiently and help, to compare real and predicted outcomes. Automated testing thus ensures competency in software without requiring repetitive and manual interventions.

The best thing about working in an automated environment is that it not only improves the quality of testing and makes it multiple times faster, but also reduces the costs involved.

The benefits? Well, there are many…!

Automation vs Manual Testing

Traditional or manual software testing involves individual monitoring & testing an application by testing its different usages and combinations to ensure that each of them gets the desired results compared to the expected results or behaviour that serves as the benchmark.

By the above comparison, Automation testing requires evaluating software programs by using scripts and tools. The use of automated scripts opens many possibilities when it comes to extending the test strategy. Imagine spending a fraction of a time compared to manual testing. This would save a lot of time! Right?

However, because of the desired goals and requirements based on the outcomes, good manual testers are often needed to challenge the ability and the mindset of the system.

Reusability of the cases

We talked about how Automated testing uses scripts. These scripts are perfectly reusable! It is very easy to reuse the test case scenario for other test cases or even for other projects. The advantage is that you can easily connect your other project to your automated test suite. Testing is repetitive, and an automation testing procedure can easily take these repetitive actions and at the same time eliminate the risk of human error.


Undeniably, it takes time and money to install and set up an automated testing system. You will also be paying for a proper test automation tool and a roadmap that can help you build a stable test environment. But at the same time, Test automation leads to a reduction in bug fixing costs, errors can be found faster and quicker compared to manual testing. This can lead to a significant cost reduction for the organization if we look at the ROI. Not to mention the sharp drop in the time needed to run the tests. It contributes to a higher quality of work, reducing the need to fix post-release glitches, and reducing project costs.

Faster Feedback — Faster Resolution

Feedback for newly created apps & software will take a while with manual testing. Test automation allows you to shorten the feedback process and add quicker validation to the development phases. Test automation is particularly useful because it helps you identify problems or bugs early during the development process and improves the productivity of the team.

Quality matters the most

Testing automation improves the efficiency of the applications. Several factors such as expanded test coverage, increased test performance and higher accuracy rates ensure the final product follows the desired higher quality requirements.

Overall, it can be a bit time consuming to implement automated testing from scratch, but the result is worth it. If you have enough patience and resources for it, a high-quality, quick, and cost-effective Test Automation solution will reward you in the longer run. By automating the testing process your company will not only save time and resources but also will be able to provide deliverables of higher quality.

A company needs to start selecting a robust test automation platform. We at AFour Technologies offer several testing functionalities to incorporate the best test automation environment suited according to your needs.

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